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Default Fallback Doesn't Work


Several documents infer that in a Version Seed file the <Solution name="Default"/> patterns are used as a fallback when the exact solution is not found. In testing just now and what I saw in the source XAML, the XPaths to find the patterns do not actually contain this fallback and thus the Default is never picked up and the inference from the documentation appears currently to be wrong.
I think the Default patterns should probably be fixed. The naive approach would be to add an | to the current existing XPath, but unfortunately would be ordering sensitive. The right approach would probably be to add additional steps to the workflows to check the fallback in the case where the specific does not exist.
While your fixing it, I'm wondering if using a pseudo-name is the wrong approach and a new attribute used, such as <Solution Default="True"/>. I'm also wondering if adding support for wildcard matching to names and/or source control paths might also be useful approaches in place of or in addition to the Default fallback.
MSN: 7/30/11 - Reviewing the defined failure to use the default fallback.
MSN: 8/3/11 - Fixed default fallback - added proper test to evaluate when solution name is not found and falback to "Default" values.