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Any thoughts on using TfsVersioning with Gated check-in?

Jul 9, 2012 at 7:34 PM

Has anyone any idea how to set up the TFSVersioning on a Gated check-in?

Right now, we use gated checkin and i have set a 'manually' triggered build to updated the version numbers. What i'm doing is that for usuall check-ins we don't have new version numbers, and so i'm running manually the TfsVersioning build on the same branch (our DEV branch) so to have the version increased.

Has any an idea how i can setup the TfsVersioning on a Gated check-in?
Keep in mind that the check-in is shelved and is build before the actual check-in. So, when the TfsVersioning should alter the assembly.cs files? Does this means that the Build Workflow need changes?