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Common version seed file for multiple branches of a project

May 21, 2012 at 4:35 PM

I have a product where we have recently created multiple branches in TFS. We are using TFS versioning with a seed file that holds multiple products version information and were not sure how we could continue to use this common file after creating the branches.

For example our current seed file looks like:

 <Solution name="Product_A">
 <Solution name="Product_B">

For Product A we have 3 branches: $\Product_A\Dev, $\Product_A\Main and $\Product_A\Release. And as would have it they all have the same solution name Product_A.sln. is there any way to manage this scenario? Is it as simple as adding the following to the solution name nodes:

 <Solution name="$\Product_A\Dev\Product_A">  ???